TransEco AB is a company created to develop and supply the market with the very best in TPMS area. The company spun off from Electro-Mobile Scandinavia AB, who for more than three years, evaluated and tested various wireless pressure sensor system in the Nordic climate and now let TransEco launch the best in the European market.

TransEco AB has its strengths in leadership, marketing expertise and technical high level in electronics, IT development and radio communication technology. Collaboration is ongoing between TransEco AB, an external IT company in Uppsala, development and manufacture of GLT in Asia.

Based on our core values ​​focus TransEco AB on products that benefit the environment, safety, and the end customer economy.

In order to quickly reach the market, we intend to work with producers at different levels, professional distributors and dealers and users with a large number of heavy vehicles in traffic.

We are confident that our competitive advantage gives the right opportunities to a market leading position in Europe.



Our products are made by GLT located in Asia

The pace of production is in excess of a thousand sensors per day