Tryckgivare BR 5102

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Fabrikat: GLT
Produkt: Tryckgivare
Modell: BR
Artikel nr: 5102
Riktpris: 578:-/pcs + tax

The most common pressure sensor for heavy vehicles.

The transmitting range of a sensor is about 30m, contamination can reduce the maximum distance slightly. If longer range is required, you can connect a sensitive antenna on the monitor, or to insert a repeater (amplifier) on a long train. Batteries can be replaced by anyone.

Operation Temperature: -40℃ – +80℃
Pressure range: 0-188PSI, 0-13bar
Battery life: 2years
Battery replaceable: Yes
Battery Type: CR1632
Weight: 15.4grams
Size: Diameter 27mm, height 23mm
Pressure Sensitivity: ±1PSI
Temperature Sensitivity: ±3
Transmission Power: 10dBm
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Valve material: Brass
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